Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hishaam - Interview

Post Title-5 minutes with Hishaam.

Q Peace brother. Please let the people know who Is Hishaam.
A)  Hishaam is a bionic android sent from the future to planet Earth and steer its course from imminent destruction          

Q You recently moved from the Eastern Cape to Jhb. How do you find the JHB hip hop scene?
A) I haven’t experienced too much but what I’ve seen so far is pretty dope. It’s similar to PE (where my transporter pod crashed 26yrs ago). I’m still trying to see it at its apex though.        

 Q Back to the city.  Yourself  and  JBux will be Holding it down for The Eastern Cape. What should we expect?
A) Well from me, you can expect some bad ass, desert waste land, mad max music. I always try my level best to put on an excellent performance

Q Any acts in particular that you’re excited to see on the day?
A)  Robo The Technician, he’s one of my favourite mceez

Q Any projects we should be looking out for?
A) My EP will be coming out soon, its called THERE WERE THOSE WHO DIDNT RUN. Produced by Alias from Grahamstown.

Q) Last question, what does freedom day mean to you?
 A) Freedom Day is very bitter/sweet for me because, although we have been afforded political freedoms, there is a large contingent of our people (the people who were supposed to be freed) who are poor, unemployed and subject to live under really shitty conditions. The irony of public servants that are exempt from public service charges isn’t the least bit amusing to my financial status. So to be honest I find it very hard to celebrate when there are parents who lose their kids because their shack burnt to the ground due to primitive lanterns. I’m just saying lets rather raise awareness than celebrate the victories of the privileged

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