Saturday, April 21, 2012

New Breed From the Underground - ARTICULATE Artists


Q1)Peace brother. Please introduce yourself and your crew to the peoples.
A). Daniel Livingstone aka SafarI, my crew Articulate Artists consist of  myself ,the only man doper than POT "Power Of Thought" and the man on the ones and twos Sizzor Hands.

Q2) You guys have been mad active, performing all over the place, opening for cats like Mac lethal and Copywrite. Now back to the city. What can we expect?
A) Hip hop that will educate, enlighten, entertain and evoke a whole range of emotions.

Q3) Any acts you're looking forward to seeing at the festival?
A3) One of the crews I'm really looking forward to is Social commentary forum, they always kill shit!

Q4) Any projects from the crew?
A) We dropped Power Of Thoughts mixtape today, Dope Joints For POT Heads Vol. 1. (4/20)

Q5) Lastly, what does freedom day mean to you?
A5) I really wish I could be enthusiastic about freedom day but the sad reality is we are losing more "freedom" everyday, just look at the protection of information act, so for me freedom day is a great chance to voice our anger!!!

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